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Our mission is to provide support for the Homer Public Library programs and services,

to raise funds that enrich the library experience, and to promote the use and enjoyment of the library.

Art is an integral part of the Homer community.  Every year we ask local artists to send us samples of their work and a Community Artworks Selection Panel selects the pieces that will be displayed at the library. None of the works on display are for sale, but it is an opportunity for artists to showcase their work. We seek artists at all stages of their artistic endeavors. 

Art in the Library Guidelines 2023

Featured Artist Achim Jahnke

July - September 2023

RJ Nelson  has created art for 40 years using a variety of mediums. Her favorite is the stained glass window she made for St. Mathew's in Fairbanks, Alaska. RJ paints, carves, designs, decorates, enjoys calligraphy, takes photos and also teaches art to children and adults. Her flower photos were taken with a Galaxy 9 phone, and were not filtered or manipulated. They were then printed onto canvases.

Counsel Langley grew up among shipwrights and foundry workers – people with strong traditional skills and respect for materials. Their influence played a large part in her choice to study metalsmithing at Massachusetts College of Art (Bachelor of Fine Art, 1999). The rigor of metalwork honed Langley’s discipline, steady hand, attention for detail, and love for surface treatment (rough, smooth, matte, shiny, sparkly, natural, mechanical etc.). Her work remains rooted in a metalsmith’s approach to making art.

Langley’s mixed media pieces have been widely exhibited; venues include the International Gallery of Contemporary Art (Anchorage, AK), Bear Gallery (Fairbanks, AK), and in the PNW the Museum of Northwest Art, Roq La Rue, PUB Gallery at Peninsula College, OGHE Ltd., and Bridge Productions. Her work was recently featured in Microsoft Surface Launch Campaign and is held by the Seattle City Light Portable Works Collections and Arts WA Public Collection. Langley’s work has been featured in Seattle Magazine, City Arts Magazine, Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, Trickhouse, Beautiful/Decay blog. Her Love for cross-discipline collaborations sparked opportunities to work with literary publications Filter Literary journal, Poetry Northwest Magazine, the creation of album art, scenic design, and illustration.


At the Edge of All We Have Built

This series is a celebration of those strange, and sometimes lonesome, folks that walk the boundaries. Visually, the series takes a cue from scenic turnouts—those delightful opportunities to pull off our highways, get out of the vehicle, and walk to the very edge of our infrastructure so that we may gaze at the sheer beauty of nature as it sprawls before us. What if we move off planet—why would we not still build those opportunities? A chance to view a particularly stunning nebulae, galaxies, birthplaces of stars. The characters here are mostly in a contemplative isolation, alone with the vista and their thoughts and questions. And, like the silhouettes common to folktale illustration, they are anonymous and therefore can be any of us, all of us.

I love to mix sci-fi, outer space, and big universals, right in with the humble, day-to-day, and personal—no less so with this series. It is about our end times, it is about where the sidewalk ends, the moment when we have built to the edge of our capacity. And, it is also simply the view a parent most frequently has, especially when your children are teenagers. You have built a family, you have helped children develop skills, morals, and a collection of experiences. You build all this together so that they take it to the very edge, say “What the heck is over there?” Off they go to find out. And, the hope is they are equipped to do so and return with new information gained.

Featured Artist Linda Robinson

October - December 2022





Friends of the Homer Library is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 community organization.


500 Hazel Avenue • Homer AK  99603
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